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About Us


We are a team of sales and business consultants. We connect businesses across the globe with IT service providers in Ukraine.

The story of Novileads started back in 2017 when Max Sidorenko and his business partner Vadim Bilan decided to unite their efforts and create an agency to help Ukrainian IT companies find new clients.

Since then, the Novileads team, which now has over ten members, has signed more than 100 contracts to develop different projects.

We've been working with the best teams of developers in Ukraine, who all bring unique domain or tech expertise and can confidently build small and mid-sized projects in a cost-effective manner. 

Our customers are start-up owners and entrepreneurs who are confident to rely on the experience and knowledge of the remote teams. Working with us allows our clients to save 30–50% on their development costs. Get in touch to find out more about how you can minimize your risks while working with offshore service providers. 


The team of sales and business consultants will connect you to the right team of developers in Ukraine.

What's the value?

We make choosing your IT service provider in Ukraine a safe, transparent and cost-effective process.

If and when you consider outsourcing your product or solutions development, Ukraine offers itself as an ideal destination.

Ukraine is already an established harbour of outsourcing services for a large number of US and EU companies. Deutsche Bank, Boeing, Coca-Cola, BMW, KPMG and many other well-known corporates have already set up dedicated teams of developers in Ukraine. In addition, numerous start-ups and SMBs have developed their solutions in cooperation with Ukrainian service providers.

The IT offering in Ukraine is diverse and will suit many needs: you can find companies of all different sizes, technical and cultural backgrounds, and experience.
Knowing more about the market landscape, current hourly and monthly rates, and specifics of Ukrainian labour legislation will help you avoid potential future issues while saving you time and money.

We are here to help you to make the right choice!

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